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Transgendered people with a petplay kink [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Transgendered people with a petplay kink

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Um, greetings and salutations? [Nov. 27th, 2006|12:04 pm]
Transgendered people with a petplay kink

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[music |Fire Water Burn - The Bloodhound Gang]

Well, I'm 18 1/2. Uh, female physically. Not transgendered so to speak. It's hard to explain, but it's like.. having a boy & girl or a hermaphrodite dwelling inside of you. Or, at other times.. like the boy and girl take turns coming out. It's a bit more complicated than that, but I'll leave that as a brief explaination.

I'm bi, no set gender preference seeing as how either can equal love or pain. My real name is Shanice; though Natarii or Malik would be preferred. I suppose that Damien or Tucker would pass also... seeing as how I've been called those as well. They're basically character names of mine, all of them original except for Malik.

I'm the aforementioned gf of Ryan. Uh, I suck with these introduction things, so I do believe that I'll stop while I'm ahead. Um, if I had to pick an animal specifically with which I relate to most, I'd say a panther. Needless to say, felines are my preference. Though, canines are cool too.

Ok, I think that's all... I guess. ..I hope.

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My Intro [Nov. 25th, 2006|09:35 pm]
Transgendered people with a petplay kink

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Well, I should have done this ages ago I guess but I've been kind of busy so...

Anyway. Hi, I'm GooseStep Lion but you can just call me Ryan. I'm 19 years old and currently living in Georgia. I'm in a relationship with my wonderful Girlfriend who is well aware of my interest in pet play as well as my being a Trans boi. I'm currently pre-op FTM and I hope to one day soon at least get my breasts removed as a first step. It really bothers me that the alterations for the genitalia are so low quality but It's a better option than being stuck in a body that I feel like I don't belong in.

Despite my name I identify as a canine, a wolf to be precise and That is what I generally display myself as, though I occasionally have feline moments but they are and few between. When I am feeling like a kitty it's usually a big kitty, a white lion to be precise.

Anyway. I made this community to meet and reach out to other transgendered people and those in relationships with them, namely those with an interest in pet play. I feel, many times, when I enter a community I often am a little uncomfortable and feel less likely to be acknowledges because I am TG. this might not always be true but I thought it might be nice for TG people and those in relationships with them to have a community where we don't have to go in feeling uncomfortable or at some disadvantage because of being TG.

Anyway, this is my introduction. For any of those who want to watch my journal itself you are more than welcome, just post in the only post you'll see on my page and I'll be glad to add you.
Also, feel free to invite others. You don't have to be TG to join and both pets and owners are more than welcome here.
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welcome [Sep. 5th, 2006|04:32 am]
Transgendered people with a petplay kink

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Welcome to the Transgender PetPlay livejournal community. Here you are welcome to discuss freely both issues related to transgender/GID as well as petplay and other S&M related fetishes. Feel free to write a little about yourself, just remember to please follow the rules and treat each otehr with respect, if you don't like something just ignore it =3

Alright, about me.

Name: Ryan (my chosen)
Age: 19
Location: Georgia
I am: FtM pre-op
Pref and possition: Bi, prefer males, I am a pet.
Species: A big white lion, don't worry, I'm not mean... but I do like to bite.
What I am looking for: Friends with similar interests, maybe a master/tammer one of these days, we'll see.
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