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Transgendered people with a petplay kink
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PetPlayTrans is a community for transgendered/transexual/GID individuals with an interest in pet play as well as S&M. This offers a place for those who are GID both pre or post op to freeling talk about both their GID related issues as well as the petplay fetish/lifestyle.

Sometimes it's difficult to go into a community and announce that you are Trans, we want to avoid that here and just have a warm, welcoming community where you can dicuss things and learn. There are only a few simple rules.

1: You do not have to have GID to join but you may not come here to bash people who are, if you do I will ban you so leave that at the door.

2: If you are posting something of a delicate nature and don't want any random passer-by being able to read it then please friends lock it.

3: This comm contains mature topics, you must be 18 or older to join, you must have your birth date displayed on your profile page at the time you request to join.

4: Please put any pictures or long posts behind an LJ-cut.

Thank you and I hope that you all enjoy yourself here.